Saturday, April 30, 2016

Blue Point Himalayan Cat

The blue point Himalayan cat has a life span of about 9 to 15 years. It is a mix between a Persian cat and a Siamese cat and it is a man-made breed. It is usually 7 to 12 pounds. This cat is sweet and quiet, like the Persian cat. This cat is a family cat. It is great to play with children. It enjoys to sit in laps and to be petted. It is a very affectionate cat. Although it is a family cat, it does not like loud homes, it likes a more quiet scene.
This cat needs to be groomed at least once a day because of its long and beautiful coat. If it is not taken care of then it will become tangled and gross. The litter box is also an issue with this cat. If the litter is not changed then it can get stuck in the cats fur or paws. If this tends to happen then the cat would just stop using the litter box.

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